Pursuing photography was not something I had ever originally thought I would do.  I have been through so many hobbies that I still love, but had never been so dedicated too, and have brought me so much joy.  It’s really all be due to one thing, well one person, and that is my wife.  She has supported me in this so much from feedback on my photographs, understanding the time I spend out shooting and home processing, to surprising me with some amazing gifts (85mm f1.4!!).  She is my biggest fan and critic!  She is what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving and for the past ones we have been together and for the future ones we will share in as a family.

Now for today’s image.  Taken from my in-laws again, but this time with my camera!  I love blue hour and love the city of Chicago.  This is the reason why:

I hope everyone travels safe this Weekend and has a great Holiday with friends and family!  Eat lots and make sure to capture those moments we all love!!