I love to shoot from places that are either hard to get to or give odd views of it’s surroundings.   This includes being kicked out of a few car garages and one or two buildings.  It goes with the territory, unique view, usually private spots.  Well one spot I was allowed to shoot from was my wife and I’s balcony when we stayed a night downtown at the Elysian Hotel.  After our honeymoon got postponed due to some hurricane down in the Caribbean, we wanted a night out of our condo.  So while she finished getting ready I had the camera out.  Our view mainly consisted of 900 N. Michigan Avenue and it’s parking garage roof, but to the right looking down were some fire escapes.  I thought it would be a good shot, but never did anything with it, until now four months later:

A different view, I went with the black and white because I saw the strong shadows in the colored version, but I really wanted to pull them out, so what better way to do it then remove the color all together.