My family came to town this weekend for Christmas and to celebrate my Mother’s Birthday.  On Friday we did our Christmas gifts and I was amazingly surprised with something I never could have imagined.  As I stood their, a new Nikon D700 was staring back at me.  I was and am speechless.  My wife got the family to go in together on it.  I cannot believe they did this.  My family has been the biggest supporters of my photography.  They are my biggest fans and the best critics.  I never could have gotten this far, and will not get any further without them.  I want to say a big thanks to them for this.

Now for the pics, here are two different shots taken with the camera, one of my common shots, only it is four verticals stitched together and each one is comprised of 5 exposures:

And then a little bokeh with some Christmas Lights on Michigan Avenue:

I also want to thank everyone out there who comments, reads, or even just glances at my work, I hope you all enjoy the Holidays!!