I am a person who does criticize myself a good amount.  This can be bad and good.  This means that I am also a photographer who goes back and shoots the same location again and again.  Either for a different time of day, redo an old shot I was not happy with, or because I got new equipment. 

The other day while I was just heading out before blue hour I noticed the sunset was beautiful with a little bit of clouds to give some movement.  So I wanted to find a place quickly to capture it, and since the sun was low already it had to be a bit in the air.  So I found myself back at a familiar spot, the Navy Pier parking garage.  Yes, if you have photographed Chicago, you know it, and you have shot it.

Well this was my third time.  My first visit was with my 18-200mm and Nikon D3000 which yielded these results:

Not bad, got a little sunset there and the skyline.  But I had three problems with the picture: Not wide enough (The 18mm wide side being only 27mm on the DX camera), the roof was missing on the Pier Theater (Which now I think is a highlight), and wasn’t blue hour yet. 

So I went back a few months later with my D3000 and a Sigma 10-20mm lens:

Looks nice, got a lot of action in there, sky movement is enjoyable, but still one part of the roof is missing.  Well now I got a new camera, new lens, and since it was the closest place I could get to, this is what resulted from the other day’s shot:

This was taken with a D700, 17-35mm lens at 17mm.  It is a 9 exposure HDR to help with smoothing.  I love the clouds in this shot.  So for now I am happy, until the next time I head there to shoot 😉 

It is good to revisit shots and critique yourself but as I look back I see the good in all three photos and why I took them to begin with.