I am about being portable.  I am also about urban landscapes.  What’s better than urban portraits?  In my mind not much.  I love all styles of portraiture but there is something about these shots.  I have slowly over the past few months built up a mini speedlight kit that I can easily carry in my camera bag and my tripod bag (light stand/umbrella/softbox).  Though this kit is still basic, it really gives me options on lighting people well quickly on the fly.

The kit I am using is only two speedlights, but my main focus with the two is if it is a group of people getting even light across the whole group, and if a couple or individual, I use one as the main light and one as a rim light to draw them out of the background. 

Now trying to light someone evenly and softly quickly I opt for just using a 46″ bounce/shoot through umbrella, or my 24″ Softbox.  Not that creative, but these two make sure I get good light almost always.

Being a huge fan of Joe McNally I stick to using Nikon’s CLS and using my D700 or my SU-800 as the trigger for my flashes.  I have yet to encounter a situation where I need to use radio triggers, but the more I am out there, I can see this happening, but for now I will save my money 😉

So what are your thoughts of on location lighting?  What do you use?  What kind of light modifiers do you use?  I am interested in seeing what the opinions are on this since no one person will light a scene the exact same way.

Now I know this is not a portrait, I took some but they were selfies and I was just standing there, so here is just an HDR from the spot I was using as a background: