Well, yesterday my wife and I signed off on our new house, and next week we move in, which means dare I say it, we are suburbanites.  Will this affect my city shots and my updating?  Yes and no, I still love Chicago, I still work in Chicago, and I will still come to Chicago.  There will just not be as much of it in my Photostream.  But with this, I think that quality will be something that could come from this.  I do take for granted how easily I can just walk out and go take pictures. 

Photographers are always evolving with location and with time.  I want to set-up a studio at our new house and we have plenty of space.  Something I did not have in the city.  I love portraiture and I want to work on it more.  But my passion for city shooting will always be there.  And my trust me, I will continue to come to the city to do portraits.   There is nothing like night shooting with people.  It is challenging, it is exciting and I love it.  

I guess I need more flashes then.   Both for on location and in studio shooting?  Any suggestions on possible studio strobes (affordable) and I still need to extend my speedlight kit 😉 

Anyways,  the love for the city and night shooting will continue, I mean how can I give up the bright lights of the big city: