We all get tired of the same old shots, at least the photographers I know.  We shoot the same thing over again and try to make it better.  But sometimes you just have to do something different to get those creative juices flowing again.  If you do a lot of wide angle shots like myself, one thing to do is to get close. 

Pull that zoom out that you have not used in ages, you know that one that doesn’t show everything in the frame!!

This past Saturday, Chris Smith of the Out of Chicago Blog had his first Photowalk and I would say it was a definite success.  He talked of this same subject not too long ago in his blog, and it really holds true.  I feel I don’t pull out my zoom quite enough unless I am doing portraits but they work so well with architecture and landscapes, pulling your focus in.  Getting those lost details that can really draw your eye.  So on this photowalk since I knew most of us would be using our ultra wides exclusively, I did take the chance to pull out my zoom a few times. 

I would suggest to any photographer to also get out and go on these walks.  You can learn a lot from other photographers.  You see how they look at a scene and it really can make you look at things a lot differently. 

Chris, thanks again for throwing such a fun photowalk.  Here is the group shot that started the evening:

And here is a shot of how the evening ended, with the Name tags that Mr. Smith provided for us, looks familiar huh:

Cheers to a great walk!