If your like me, you sometimes get tired of the same old shots.  Same perspectives, same processing, same etc…  We all look at different ways to take/process photographs.  Different foreground elements, different focus.  Well on this post, if you look at the title, I am going Black and White with it.  Now I know there are a thousand ways and programs to do this.  This is just my method, and I know it would change if I had say, Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 (Hint, Hint 😉 ).  But I stick to my conversion in Photohop.  So here is the shot I am taking, a single exposure shot that I processed through Photomatix already and brought into Photoshop.

From here, I convert my image to black and white with an adjustment layer as seen below with my settings:

Here you can see I adjusted my sliders to what I feel is right.  With cityscapes I generally push the yellows up (for the lights in the buildings) and push the red/magenta down to give it some depth.  With the sky, depending on the time of day, those sliders can end up anywhere.  Just try not to blow out any highlights.

After this I go tweak my image levels with an adjustment layer:

As you can see  I do not live in the perfect histogram range, because I want to push the contrast.  So I go up on my highlights and my darks some first, then I adjust the mids to where I think it feels right.

Here is the final image:

After this I am done, quick and dirty, and easy.  I love black and white images, they are actually my favorite photographs to print and decorate with.  How do you convert?  Use Photoshop, presets in a plugin from Nik, Topaz, etc?  What are your thoughts on B&Ws, love them or hate them?  I love feedback because it refines my ideas and keeps all of us thinking, so share your thoughts!