Photography is about vision and conveying that vision.  It is about providing something that makes a person think and feel when they view it.  With landscape photography viewers want to be drawn into the shot, like they are actually there enjoying what you are seeing and capturing. 

Composition is the main idea that we as photographers use to draw them into our vision.  There are some key factors I like to keep in mind while out shooting around the city (these can apply to normal landscapes as well):

* Foreground is important! – Including a well placed object in the foreground gives the viewer a better sense of depth and can really add a lot to a photograph.

* Getting Low – Don’t always bring you tripod up to your level, get down with it to its lowest point.  Bring out the detail in the rocks, in the plants, etc to bring out something different that a lot of people would not see.

* Sometimes you need to take that little bit of an extra step – Here I mean something like climbing up somewhere to get the view your are envisioning, or in my case last night, climbing down the melting icy rocks trying not to slide into the water and ruin my camera. 

The view of Chicago’s skyline from the Popular Olive Park
* Lastly, it is about your vision, what makes you feel moved when you look at it.  We all want people to  enjoy our art, but we do this because it is our love of making something we feel is special. 

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  1. I agree with you, we do this because it is our love of making something we feel is special. At the end of the day, I’m the only one looking at my work saying this is exactly what I wanted.

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