One thing that I like to do is go out and shoot images with only one lens.  Forcing me to change the way I look at a scene, an image, an object, and to take myself out of the comfort zone of having that ability to switch.  The other day I did this for a while.  I put my 85mm on my camera and headed out.  Two shots that I took (I should say composites) I took ended up being panoramas.  These could have been easily done with one frame with a wider lens.

A 3-image Vertical Pano of a Tower Crane in downtown Chicago.
I love shooting images this way with a long lens because (1) there is less distortion and (2) the detail becomes amazing.  You can easily blow up images like these very large.  Now after the crane I took a stroll to a spot where I took an image that has ended up at a couple of restaurants and seems to be one of my popular shots.  You can see the original here: City Tops!  That was done with my old D3000 and a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 lens.  I did this shot differently, one black and white, and too with the D700 and 85mm.  This was the results:
A 20-image Pano of the River North Area 
This last picture was a composite of 20 separate shots that were stitched in Photoshop and also converted to black and white.  For this type of shot I think this is the way to go because you want to capture all the details in the buildings.  Photographs like this should be blown up large to make you feel as if you are there, Engulfed Within It