This questions pops into my head on a daily basis.  What lens would I have if I could only have one?  I love all my lens, but then again most of us say that because why else would we spend the money on them. 

I always look at Lightroom and see what lens I have taken the most photos with.  As it has been, my Sigma 10-20mm has been way out front for a while.  But now with using the FX D700, my Nikkor 17-35mm is the glass that stays on my camera 90% of the time.  Other than that lens, my Nikkor 85mm f1.4 is the other lens I use and love the most.  Those two are such great lens and are what I prefer to shoot with all the time. 

What are your favorite to shoot with and what can’t you live without? 

Another note, you have and will see some changes coming to the website and blog over the next week or so.  I am cleaning up once again and doing this in stages.  The top menu/header has changed as well as the front page.  Keep an eye out and let me know your thoughts.