Well, we are in the new house, sort of.  Our old stuff is in, some of our new furniture is coming this weekend and the painters are painting away.

So to stay out of the painters way when I got home from work, I went down to “my” room, I use that loosely since my wife is more than welcome to come down, use the computer, be the my subject, or if she wants shoot.  Plus my guitars are in there 😉

I have a backdrop in there so I can play with lighting situations, though the “low” ceiling (which is not that low, but anyways) does make it hard to shoot with overheads if the person is standing, but I can make do.

Anyways, I have wanted to do a shot like this for awhile.  It is my thoughts on a wedding photographer.  You are suppose to capture real moments as they happen but without interfering or distracting people.  I have seen photographers do it well, and other times completely block people’s view, flash all over the place, and just be way too intrusive.  I know you want the shot, but the guests are there to see the event as well.

The wedding Photographer – “In the Shadows”
The set-up for this shot was pretty simple, one flash on the ground shooting up at a 60 deg angle at myself, this was controlled by another sb700 working as a master with no flash, just pre-flash telling my main light, another sb700 what to do.  Shot with a D3000 that had a hot shoe cable connecting it to the master.  The master was camera left so the remote flash could see it.  A diagram and picture of the set-up is below.
And my glamorous “studio” area:
The camera settings were as follows: 1/60 sec, f/6.3, ISO100, exp -5.0 @ 39mm (26 @1.5 crop factor).  Flash was set on TTL at +0.3 comp.

Here is the finished product on how I wanted the shot to look.  I changed to a white shirt, all settings and set-up were the same, I zoomed out slightly and included more of the background on the left of the shot.