Tomorrow the wife and I are heading to Italy for 10 days, and so the question of what to bring comes into my head.  So as I took everything out of my camera bag to try and figure out what should go back in.

What do you take on a trip like this?

Here is what I ended up packing in my bag:

So this is what we have:

  • The Bag: Kata Bumblebee PL-220 Backpack
  • Camera Bodies: D700 w/ MB-D10 Grip and Tripod Plate, D3000 (wife uses)
  • Lenses: 17-35mm f2.8 (on D700), 85mm f1.4, 50mm f1.8, 55mm f3.5 Micro, 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 (for the D3000, nice travel lens)
  • Flashes: (2) SB700, SU-800, SC-28 Flash Cord, Stands, Tungsten/Fluorescent gels
  • Accessories: Kata Rain Cover, Tiffen ND Filters, Battery Chargers, Cords, Lens, Pen, Lens Cloth, Cube Level, Memory Cards, Gorilla Pod, Ball Head (Tripod goes in the suitcase), Flashlight, Business Cards, Notebook, D3000 Remote, and Kata Tripod attachment for the bag.

 Seems like a lot, but I could have put a few more lenses, and a few other things.  Two things not in the picture are the phone charger and my European Transformer plug so I can charge things there.  Also I have a second tripod plate for the D3000 in the bag that I forgot in the picture.

Here they are packed all neat in their bag:

I love this backpack, it is kind of large, but it holds so much and is very comfortable to carry.  Balances the weight well and you can access just the areas you need using all the zippers which you can tuck away behind the side clasp so it is harder for would be thieves to open the bag while it is on your bag or sitting down beside your chair. 

So that is my travel gear for next week.  I hope to come back with some great photos.  Probably no blog posts while I am there, going to relax and enjoy some food, wine, and scenery, so we will see you all when I get back.