Back in March I had the privilege to shoot Jen and Carl’s special day.  These two put their love of the arts and their love of each other on display and I was happy to share in it.  So what do you get when you put an old theater, a large enthusiastic bridal party, and a beautiful couple, well let’s see:

The ceremony was held at the Portage Theater in Chicago.  This space is as classic as it is unique.  The theater was built in Dec. 11, 1920 and is currently being used for various films, concerts, and events.  But this theater is currently fighting to keeps its doors opened as a Church is looking to purchase it and it’s neighboring businesses.  If you want to help, please go to the theater’s website here to see what you can do:

 The guys messing around before the ceremony.
 The ladies!

 The best moment!

Now that’s a happy couple!

Let’s Finish with a Song!
Jen and Carl: In the Spotlight!