First off, I did some housekeeping here on the blog, changed up the layout some and made it easier to navigate.  Also made the fb like button work right dynamically between the pages, instead of separately.  Let me know what you think, there will probably be some more slight changes taking place over the next week or so, but the main change over is done!

Now some more shots from our recent trip to Italy, no theme behind these.  These are just in the order of our trip:

Sunset at Ponte Vecchio!
Just a close up of some hardware on the side of our Castle Bed & Breakfast in Sienna.
Our Beemer Rental (upgrade from the Ford Fiesta we were promised) in Tuscany!
 Lonely tree in a field in Tuscany.

Our bed and breakfast and an old hut just outside of Sienna!
 The bell on top of Torre Grossa in San Gimignano

  Trevi Fountain at Blue Hour
The Coliseum’s outer wall.
Pantheon’s Dome, one shot where I wish I had a fisheye.

Positano with the moon and stars shining down on it.

A long the dock in Positano!
The Blue Grotto on Capri!

 Positano at night with the clouds rolling in!

I took tons more photos from the trip, but these are some of my favorites.  It was a great trip that I will never forget.  Thank you to my beautiful wife for planning this adventure.

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