With all the social networking out there, do you feel as a photographer there are too many to keep up with or that it is great that there are so many spots to advertise and get your name out there? 

I am a little in both columns.  Though lots of other developers out there have found ways to combine and post to all at once and sync the accounts, which helps a ton when you are trying to keep everyone updated.

Getting your name out there as a photographer is the most important thing to draw clients in.  Social networking is the best place now days to show off photos and to get your name out there.  Post your best pictures, include some story, tips, notes behind it.  Keep a blog that is easy and interesting to read. 

I get overwhelmed sometimes, as I just broke down and got Pinterest, so now I have a (2) facebook pages, a twitter account, flickr account, blog, Pinterest, 500px, and probably a few other accounts.  it gets hard to keep up with all them.  I try my best and that is my suggestion to everyone, if you can link these accounts to make it easier, do so.  Keep the content interesting and intriguing.  Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  Enjoy this, because that is why well most of us take photographs, we love the art of it and the work we are capable of producing.

Check out any of my social media and follow, like, pin, tweet, or whatever you need to do in the links on the right of the page. 

I leave you with this oldy, but on of my favorite Chicago blue hour shots i have taken.