Back from Italy, tons of photographs to edit and share.  But of course, client photographs come first, so don’t worry for those waiting, yours will be done soon 😉

But I did want to post at least one from the trip and probably one of my favorites from one of the most beautiful spots I have ever traveled to.  If you are going to visit Italy, I would go to the Amalfi coast.  And I would stay in the town of Positano.  Yes, there may be a few steps from your hotel/villa to the beach (538 for us) but it is well worth it, and amazingly even with all the pasta, pizza, caprese salad, wine, you will come back a few pounds lighter from the workout 😉

Also, some exciting things have been happening around my photography while I have been away.  One is my blog was accepted and places on the Alltop pages, so search photography and I will be at the bottom, but I know you guys will help us rise up!  Thanks to those who submitted this blog there!!  Add it to your favorites on there if you are a regular user like myself!

Some more news to post soon as I get more information on some upcoming items!