I just got Topaz Labs Adjust (Thanks Mr. Chris Smith) and thinking about it I use several plugins, add-ons, and standalones while post processing.  Most of them I use sometimes, some most of the time, and then a couple rarely.  Workflow varies depending on if I am editing a client session where most of the work is done in Lightroom and Photoshop to when I am doing one of my Chicago shots it can vary slightly depending on the photograph.

Here is a breakdown of what I have, and how I use it (if I use it):

Photomatix My HDR program of choice, works well and I use it a decent amount on Chicago shots.  It is easy to use, has plenty of options and control and just works well for what I need.  If you are going to do HDR I would recommend this very highly.

Noiseware:  This is the noise reduction program I use.  Again it works well, though it crashes once in a while, but since it is not that in depth of a program it doesn’t bug me that much.  It holds details well while removing noise.  I use this on HDRs that create a lot of nise or on any High-ISO images that need some reduction.

OnOne Photo Suite 6.1:  This actually includes Perfect Portrait, Perfect Layers 2, Perfect Effects 3, Perfect Resize 7, Perfect Mask 5, and Focal Point 2.  I use some of these very often and play around with the rest when I feel like really going wild on post.  The three I use fairly regularly are Effects, Resize and Mask.  The Effects tool is great and with recent updates has amazing control.  Some of the presets are great and the fact you can build your own presets works wonders.   Resize is a must if you are ever going to have to do large prints, it does wonders creating large size photographs without ruining detail or losing quality.   Mask I use when I need to do a difficult area  and makes it easier than Photoshop I feel.   Portrait is alright though sometimes I feel it over does touch-ups, losing that natural feel.  The others I have not used as often.

Topaz Labs Adjust:  Since I just got this I have not fully played around with.  In fact the first photograph I used it on is below.  But from what I can see it can be a powerful tool.  It has a lot of areas of adjustment and I love the before after clicks at the top.  I will review this more when I have a chance to really get into it.

Hugin:  This is a powerful panorama tool to assist in stitching large panoramic photographs.  I use this on complex Panos, otherwise I use Photoshop for simple stitches.  This is based on Panorama Tools and is a free alternative to PTGUI.  I recommend checking out for any of you doing large stitches.  You can control stitching points and really create amazingly seamless images.

That is all I can think of now.  I know the Nik suite of software is great and I really want to get Silver Efex because I have not seen a bag black and white image come out of that program.  What does everyone else use?  Let me know if there is a program you think I should check out!

Navy Pier Sunrise this past Sunday – Using Topaz Labs Adjust