Just like most people, I love music.  I have several guitars that I “attempt” to play often.  By attempt I know a few songs well, a bunch decent, and a lot not so well.   The one thing I love is zoning out to some music while I am editing photos.   Gets me in a rhythm and really takes me away from everything else to get done what I need to.

  Playing around with some lighting, me with my Les Paul and ’64 SG

What is your favorite music to listen/edit to?  I wanted to put down some of mine and maybe learn some new stuff from you guys. 

I am a huge rock fan hence the music on the list (I also prefer live recordings since I feel you should be actually able to preform and sing your music in front of people):

* Pink Floyd/David Gilmour (All time favorite)
* Muse
* Mark Knopfler
* Mumford & Sons
* Radiohead
* Eric Clapton (Old stuff aka Cocaine, Sunshine of your love, etc)
* Ryan Adams

These are just a few. 

Captured this shot last night while scoping out some locales for some upcoming sessions!

Let me know your favorites!  Always looking for new music to check out.