The perfect photograph?  Does it exist?

As photographers we are always chasing perfection in our art.  But what is this perfection?  Does it only exist within our minds?

Yes and No.

You can look at the technical aspects:  Are the important areas sharp, is it composed well, does the color and tones represent the image well, and so on.  Technically it is relatively easy to take the perfect photograph.

But for most of us it is the pursuit of the ‘perfect’ moment, the time when emotions can be conveyed through the lens.  An instance when that certain something happens that even makes you forget you are behind the camera.  A moment at a wedding when you catch the Bride and Groom being themselves, forgetting that everyone is watching them or taking a landscape when the clouds and sun give you an amazing light show.  They are moments impossible to duplicate.

This is why landscape artist will visit the same spot over and over again, unless they were lucky enough to catch a perfect moment on day 1.

Sunrise at Fullerton.
This is why lifestyle photographers like to get a couple comfortable enough to forget the camera, forget everything around them and just be themselves.
A Bride and Groom though in the spotlight forgets everyone is watching them.
The perfect photograph is felt as much as it is seen.   It draws you into the moment, the place and conveys thoughts and emotions whatever they might be.   
We as photographers learn all the technical aspects, lighting, focus, composition, to use these as our way to convey a message, a place, a feeling.  Not just too have someone look at it and go wow that looks cool.   
We shoot to inform people, to inspire and to remember, we look to move people, to draw people to something different.  Photography is a powerful tool that can write I story as well as capture a moment in time.  It gets lost in these days when everyone thinks they are a photographer with Instagram and everyone having a DSLR.   It gets lost in my own mind sometimes. 
It’s good to reflect, to get a grasp on why we do what we do.
The perfect photograph is what you make it.  It can be simple or complex, it can be moving or be just a beautiful landscape.  
Keep growing, keep shooting and keep pursuing that moment, that time, when things are “Perfect.”