Yesterday I received my one year anniversary gift from my amazing wife a few weeks early, a set of Calumet Quad Plus 2.4GHz Wireless Trigger and Receivers.   I got an extra receiver two since I work with two flashes a lot.

Now I love the CLS from Nikon, but there have been several times the optical slave has killed me and frustrated me so I have been longing for radio triggers for a while.  I know Canon came out with there own and if Nikon ever does I know I will favor that especially for TTL.  But for someone who shoots manual a lot with the flashes I did not need something like the miniTTL PW, especially at that price.  I went with these over PW III due to just price.  Plus I love Calumet’s gear, I have a lot of there lighting gear and being a Chicago based company I like to support them!

Now I only tested these a little bit last night and will give a full review once I can use them more in the field.  I do want to test distance and some harder out of sight shots than just inside my house.  But to play around with the system, I called on my favorite little model, Jersey, for some more pet portrait fun.

These are basically straight out of the camera, minus some dust cleaning (didn’t clean my lens before hand) and some slight WB adjust.

Last nights sunset was amazing, then again there are so many nights out at our house that I snap Instagram (cffotog – add me) pictures from our deck of the sunset.

The set-up for this is simple, the old camera in the right hand resting against my left shoulder, radio driven flash in my right with the good old trustworthy LumiQuest Softbox III (perfect size for photographing a small dog).  Laying in the grass since Jersey stand all but 9 inches tall.  Took the exposure for the sky, then turned on the flash to light the subject.

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: 17-35mm f2.8
Flash: SB700
Settings: ISO 400, f/13, 1/200sec, +0.3exp @ 17mm
Flash Setting: 1/8 power

She is the queen of her domain!  Stayed tuned for a full review of these Calumet Radio Trigger/Receivers!