Visualization is key in photography, can you predict the shot before you actually hit the trigger.  In landscape photography it is fairly easy, you take your time, you see it, and then you try and execute it.  Weddings and sports, it is not so easy.  Moments happen once and you have to be on top of it.  That is for another discussion, today I am focusing on landscapes.

On Saturday Night, Out of Chicago had another photowalk.  These are great opportunities to socialize and learn from your peers and in some cases people you admire.  Some of us ventured away to shoot from another location to mainly reduce the amount of people at a site.  Shooting around people can really actually help your photography, it can make you look for another angle, look for something more detailed and create something wonderful.

For myself, as the sun fell and the moon rose I knew there was one shot if any that I wanted to come out with from the night.  So after meeting back up with the guys for the group shot, I ventured out to where they all came from, the North Avenue Pier.   It was a full moon over the lake and the reflection was beautiful.  The city was looking wonderful itself so I set myself and took some shots at High ISO to test compose.  (This can be very helpful in these instances).  I knew I was going to shoot a panoramic.  It is key when using a wide lens to keep your travel distance between images to just a few degrees or stitching and distortion become hectic.  Looking at the shadows and light I knew 3 exp for each image was going to be enough.  My results came out better than I hoped for. 

Full Moon over Chicago Panorama

As I looked at it I noticed I captured a plane making its way over the lake and I decided to keep it in the image.

Visualization is key in photography.  Happy surprises happen but doing a little research and having a plan will lead you to your goals.  Take your time and enjoy the view from away from the viewfinder.  It was a peaceful night in Chicago and I loved every minute of it.