This is for a new personal project I am pursuing and it is to keep me working on improving my portraiture.

I am looking for roughly 10 people (could be more or less depending on interest) who would like to work as models for some portraits.  I am looking for people with interests like photography, playing an instrument, wood working, dancing, etc and places you love (downtown, a forest preserve, your house).  It does not have to deal with the interest, though for photographers like myself, it kind of goes with it.  These are meant to be fun, creative portraits.

Also these do not have to be done immediately, I know it is cold just wanted to get a start on it!

In return I would provide you with the digital files to the images I take (it will only be a few per person).  Use them for a website, facebook profile picture, a shrine to you in your house, etc. 

There will be more questions if you are interested to go along with the project.

If you are interested please email me or use the contact form and use the title of this post as the subject.