A few days ago I posted my look back at 2012!  It was a wonderful year for me, but today I want to follow in the tradition of the New Year and some of the things I am looking forward to and hoping to accomplish!!

      Upcoming couples! –  I am so excited for all of my couples booked so far this year, it will be great getting to share their days with them and capture their moments for them to share for years to come!  (Dates are still available for this year so please contact us if you are interested!)
      Start some personal photography projects – I am not sure yet of what I want to do but I have several ideas that I may pursue, you will just have to wait and see with those.
      Portraits – I want to do more fashion style urban portraits, especially at night, I need to look for models or if anyone is interested let me know!
      Most importantly, and the one I have ever year is get out and shoot! –  This is what it is all about, I forgot how much I love having a camera in my hands until mine had to go in and be fixed so I was left with my old backup.  Now that I have it back, it was a good reminder on how much photography means to me!  This includes getting out with my photographer friends who you can always learn a few things.  
2013 will bring in some new great moments and I look forward to hitting them head on!  
The City of Chicago last night ready to end 2012 with a bang:
Chicago skyline at Blue Hour from a high!
Happy New Year Everyone!