Gear Acquisition Syndrome, better know as GAS, goes with pretty much anything you do!  We all get it!  I spend hours looking at new equipment (okay maybe not hours, but at least a few minutes a day).

Chicago Skyline from Olive Park Panorama

We all want the top of the line gear, or at least better than what we have.  Justification is not always there.  With photography there is a lot to want, new camera, dream lenses, software, tripod, computer, lighting equipment.  Man did we all pick an expensive hobby.  What is the most important items to get first?  I cannot tell you that because it may be based on the type of photography you are in.

I was luck when my family surprised me with a full frame body over a year ago and I have not looked back since but before then I had an entry level DSLR, the Nikon D3000 to be exact.  I still get the random question from someone just beginning or shooting with an entry level camera, how did you get the images with that camera, and should I step-up?

Well you can buy all the equipment you want, but if you scour the web and look at what photographers share on their blogs and in their workshops, most of them talk of technique and post-processing, not “Go out and buy this camera, it will make you better.”

Willis Tower skyscraper and it's friends downtown Chicago

My thoughts are be happy with what you have and learn to use it well.  Then as you move forward in your hobby or career, invest in what would benefit you the most.  People think that these entry level cameras are not good for large prints and big ads, well honestly one of my current clients thought the opposite.  They used a few of my Chicago images and these were taken with the D3000.   Did they care what camera was used, no, they wanted the images. 

Now I do look back and go what was a thinking on processing!  And even in recent months my whole processing and photo taking approach has changed.  That is where the key to success is, evolving, learning, and improving.  Learning is key, read books, blogs, and magazines on techniques, processes used.  It opens up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Now I am not telling you to give up your dreams of the new camera or lenses, trust me I have a list of the items I want, and heck I prioritized them keeping in my the ones I want versus the ones beneficial to me for my business are two different things.  But while you are saving up for that new stuff, make sure you think what would be the best for what you are trying to achieve and enjoy using the equipment you have.

*As a note, all the images in the post were taken with the D3000, though some have been reprocessed since I was a little embarrassed of my old methods 🙂