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While in the slow season, getting excited for wedding/engagement season approaching, have a ton of shot ideas in my head, I have been reflecting on some of my past photography as I like to do.  What I like, what I now look at and go what was I thinking?  I do this every year or so, usually around this time.  So I was going back through some shots and decided to reprocess a lot of them, like the shot of the park above.  This was taken with my old D3000 not long before I got the D700 and the original shot was so over-processed, over cooked I needed to fix it and do it justice.  The original files were fine, similar to how I would have shot it now.  If you must see the previous version, go here.  Sad part is it got 35 favs and 32 comments but not one saying it was over baked and what the heck was I thinking white balance wise!

Do you ever reflect on shots?  I think it is a great way to see how you have grown, and also to see if maybe you have moved away from something that was working well.  Change is usually for the good, but sometimes you do lose something that might be useful now.    I think we all need to look back once in awhile and see where we have come from to see where we want to go.