Chicago Winter from Olive Park

Last week I finally broke down and got the D800.  Been drooling over it for awhile.  Sold some old lenses that I do not think I have even touched since I went full frame.  **Always a good idea if you want new gear sell stuff you don’t use, why collect them**

So I received the camera on Tuesday but of course we had a nice grey dreary week, so I finally got out last night to do some Chicago testing on it.  Through the week I did some minor testing in controlled studio test and taking some pics of my wife and pup.  Through these tests, I knew the camera would be slightly sluggish on speed, but nothing that won’t affect my clients shoots.  The files are huge and I knew that going in.  Had no issues with auto-focus, but I will elaborate more after I finally take it out on a client shoot where I will put it to the test.  Two last points, the shutter, just seems lacking something when it clicks, maybe it is just the different sound compared to a D3s or a D700.  It works fine, just a weird thought.  The one thing I miss and it bugs me and I will have to get use to.  The autofocus sensor mode switch, the D700 had this where the Liveview switch is on the D800 is.  Controlling point versus full area.  I like the quickness of the switch versus the button and and dial way on the D800.  I am sure I will get use to it and do it as quickly and easily as I could before but just my thought.

Now to the city shoot review.  I took the camera out to a few favorite spots of mine.  I love when I have new equipment cause I feel I can go back to all my favorite spots like I never shot them before.  I was sad the sky didn’t have the nice clouds it did on Saturday night but glad the overcast was gone!  I hit up the top of the Hancock, those pics to come later, then out to Olive Park seen above.  The dynamic range on the camera is amazing.    The range straight out of the camera in Lightroom leave little necessity for trying to pull shadows and highlights out.  But when you do need to do this, due to the sensor you can really pull and push those dials and not screw up the look of the image.  It is amazing how well the images look.  Liveview works great, had the camera low in this shot and I just turned it on with ease, used the built in level to verify I was fine (still had my cube level up top) and shot away.  The other quirk that I have to get use to is where the bracket button is on the dial, now there are four buttons up there instead of three and I tend to hit the bracket when I want to do ISO.

Chicago River and Trump Tower at Blue Hour

The other nice thing is the noticeable lighter weight to my D700, not enough to not feel like your holding a solid piece of equipment, but slightly easier on the wrist.  Plan on getting the grip for two reasons (even though the Nikon price is just insane), extended battery and it really does make a difference with heavier lenses and I find a better balance with the added weight. 

I cannot wait to shoot some great environmental portraits with my brides this upcoming season.  After a couple sessions with the camera, I will write a more in-depth review in the terms of shooting weddings, engagements, and other sessions with it.  So stayed tuned!