Chicago skyline from the Hancock building at sunset!

Just a quick update.  My friend Chris Smith has a wonderful Chicago Photography Site called Out of Chicago  and along with a few others are helping contribute content to the site.  A lot of my Chicago and cityscape posts will be heading over there while I will still continue to post some items here as well as most importantly, my client’s photographs.   The goal of Chris’s site is to educate and provide information for any level of experience photographer and it has some great information about anything you could think of focusing a lot on Chicago.  So please keep an eye out over there, though I will post updates here on some of my articles that are up over there.  W

With that for the site I am updated my popular Cityscape Guide article!  I am breaking down into one more part to help with anything you might wonder.  It will be posted weekly, so keep an eye out for the other parts, but Part 1 is up now: Cityscape Guide part 1: The Gear.

The shot above was actually one of the first images I took with the D800 just over a week ago (not including the random shots of my lovely wife and our pup).  It was 2 years to the day since I last shot from up there and I didn’t stay through blue hour since my main goal was sunset and to see how much detail I could get with the image.  I did take a couple vertical panoramas of this as well, have yet to process them.   Next time I will wait it out until blue hour!

2 thoughts on “Taking it to new Heights! {Not really}

  1. Beautiful shot, Chris. Your first part of the cityscape guide is a huge success on the site. People are loving it and, like me, can’t wait for the rest. Thank you!

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