So I have been a little lacking on updating lately, so I wanted to just give a quick update.  With the weather around Chicago lately and yesterday I have not been out shooting too much.  Been spending some time working on some different styles of processing as well as some composite work.  My lifestyle sessions do not hit full swing until next month so I have also been taking a break and getting ready for the full swing.  I am excited for all the upcoming weddings and engagements and have lots of new ideas and thoughts.  It should be a great season!

As far as processing, I have been working a lot with luminosity masks trying to see how I feel about those versus full digital blending and straight HDR.  I plan on a blog post either here or at Out of on comparing the processing methods. Here is an example of a shot done with luminosity masks:

With composites, I am a regular reader and follower of, please follow them if you don’t already, and the other day they had an interview with Erik Johansson who has given me some inspiration on trying out some surreal composites.  His work is so amazing, just watch the video of him creating Cut and Fold

So stay tuned for some new stuff and upcoming sessions!

2 thoughts on “A Mini Update!

  1. I look forward to your luminosity masks post, Chris. I’ve done some HDR processing with luminosity masks and will be interested in the workflow you are experimenting with.

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