As the warmer weather is upon us here in Chicago, it is a breath of relief.  I took an opportunity to get out this past Saturday morning and shoot the sunrise over Lake Michigan.  Getting up sometimes may be a pain, but once out there, the fresh air, peacefulness and the beauty is always worth it.  The lake was unusually calm on this morning.   This helped since there was a lack of clouds the forecast predicted and made for some great reflections of the colors.

Fullerton is probably one of mine as well as some of my other photographer friends place to catch sunrise in Chicago.  The weathered pier pylons make great foreground with the rocks.  As the water levels were, I was able to actually get down onto some “beach” area and take this shot which is probably my favorite from the morning.

As the sun crept over the horizon, I used a 10 stop ND filter to keep the water calm like it was before.  What a beautiful start of a new day.