I always keep a list of goals in my head, but sometimes it is best to get them down on paper (or this case cyberspace) to keep track of them.  It is an exciting year, we are booked completely for the year minus a couple dates that we wanted to with weddings this year and we are already working on 2015 bookings (wow!).  Our couples are wonderful again this year and we are excited for all their events.

As I repeat every year, this is an industry where we want to keep learning and keep pushing what we do.  I am tremendously excited to be taking a workshop with one of my favorite photographers, Sam Hurd, this summer (thanks to my amazing wife!).  If you have never seen his work, check it out, he has shot portraits of a few people you might know (George Clooney, Michael Phelps, Denzel Washington, etc.).

I have been studying new techniques and more creative ideas for upcoming shoots.  Maybe a new lens or two (well one for right now!).  It will be an exciting year, and keep a look out at our various social networks and here for posts and updates!  Thanks again everyone for your support!

We will also be looking at some new packaging and branding, to our clients, you may be receiving an email about your upcoming sessions and how you would like to receive your photos, once we get all that determined!

Lastly, but definitely not least, I posted it on our Facebook page but not here, thanks to our wonderful clients for allowing us to receive this award from WeddingWire.com.

I can’t thank all of you guys enough!  And Stay Tuned……