Chicago Sunrise

You may have noticed some changes on how I am approaching the blog with some other series and such.  I wanted to share my Chicago photos as a series showing off each time I do go out.  Whether it would be to shoot the city specifically or on this night and next morning, to have a night in the city with my wife.   I have really enjoyed recently carrying just one lens and using that to challenge myself with composition and seeing shots differently.  Trying more and more to travel light and keeping it simple!  Enjoy the series and keep up with the blog for more.

Black and White Chicago Cityscape

Chicago Buildings

Prentice Hall Northwestern Demolition
The Removal of the Prentice Building on Northwestern is almost complete.
Water Tower Mall Chicago

Cranes Chicago

Chicago Rooftop at Night Photography
Black and White Rooftop Chicago Photography

Chicago Night Rooftop Photography

Chicago Night Photography

Chicago Night Photography Rooftop

Chicago Night Cityscape Photo

Navy Pier Night Photo

Lake Point Tower Photo Night