We meet Katie + Michael again! At the Exmoor Country Club!

See their first post here: Katie + Michael :: An intimate Lake Forest Wedding!

6 months after officially tying the knot, the celebration with family and friends can begin!

It is amazing how much love can felt here!

Let’s take it in together!

Chicago Bride
Exmoor Country Club First Look
First Look Wedding Photo
Exmoor Wedding Photo
Casual Wedding Photo
Exmoor Country Club Bride and Groom Photo
Dramatic Chicago Wedding Photo
Classic Wedding Portrait
Stunning Wedding Portrait
Exmoor Wedding Portrait
Simple Wedding Portrait
Wedding Progression Photo
Exmoor Wedding Ceremony
First Kiss Photo
Stunning Wedding Photos
Classic Black and White Wedding
Bagpipe Band Wedding
Black and White First Dance Photo
Father Daughter Dance Photo
Mother Daughter Dance
Wedding Fun Photos
Bride Groom Dancing
Fun Wedding Photos
Reception Wedding Photo
Dance Dance
End of Wedding Night!

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